The Four Basic Principles of the Company


The Leader of Harmless Agricultural Industrial Chain


Healthy Farmland, Harmless Soil


Working, Studying, Living and Developing in a Pleasant Environment


Unity, Tension, Seriousness and Liveliness

The Leader of Harmless Agricultural Industrial Chain

Kiwa’s Training Concept

Training is the Greatest Benefit for the Employees.

Training Objectives

1.Establish learning organization and set up learning spirit;

2.Fully understand and identify Kiwa’s culture and development strategy;

3.Be familiar with Kiwa’spolicies and regulations and job responsibilities;

4.Improve employee’s comprehensive quality and knowledge level;

5.Improve employee’s abilities and work performances;

6.Improve employee’s work attitude, enhance work enthusiasm and promote team spirit;

7.Realize the potential of employees and promote enterprise development.

Training Modes

1.Developing the Company’s internal training course.

2.Participate in the training institutions.

3.Hire excellent talents or well-known university professors or relevant government departments to carry out special training.