Ziqi Wang


She once founded Beijing Zhonghe Jiarui Culture Media Co., Ltd. and served as the chairman of the board. She was committed to the spread of culture, boosting the cultural industry, and had close cooperation with many companies in Beijing Film and Television Park. In 2018, She officially entered the blockchain industry, deeply participated in the layout and operation of the whole blockchain industry chain, held several trips to South Korea and Japan, signed a talent strategy agreement with Meiji University of Japan, co sponsored and hosted the China Japan Blockchain Industry Joint Foundation, and established a branch in South Korea. She once served as a senior consultant for many government enterprises, South Korean and Japanese enterprises, provided an ecological layout for enterprises+blockchain, and was responsible for the overall operation planning and implementation of the project. Deeply ploughing into mining industry and expanding businesses including mining machinery, cloud computing, mine infrastructure, etc., have achieved fruitful results. In 2020, She was employed as a lecturer in Jiangsu Province’s government enterprise blockchain training, a lecturer in Minsheng Bank, and the vice president of the China Marketing Association of the Academy of Social Sciences, the High Efficiency Blockchain Business Alliance. She currently holds the position of CEO of Kiwa Bio Tech Products Group Corporation (US).

Chaozhao Zhao

Executive President and General Manager of Mining Business Department

Senior marketing officer, with strong business sensitivity and market sensitivity, excellent resource integration ability and business promotion ability. 10 years of Internet&blockchain operation and marketing experience, with multi traffic channel resources; From 2019 to now, the chief operating officer of Bitcoin mining enterprises&exchanges is responsible for the management of Bitcoin pit operation center, managing billions of assets; In 2018, he was the chief planner of the operation system of Huo Coin and Huo Xin; In 2015, he founded Wenle Technology, cooperated with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Philatelic in many new cultural retail projects, and obtained investment from Guotianhong Fund, Sable and Xicheng Culture and Culture Commission. In 2016, he landed on the New Third Board; In 2010, he joined Huaqing Zhongke as the president assistant and led the joint research and development of “Smart Education” K12 Internet education platform with the four institutes of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is currently the Executive President and General Manager of Mining Business Department of Kiwa Bio Tech Products Group Corporation (US).

Dadong Li

Executive Vice President

He has rich experience in marketing, business model design and innovation, capital operation and investment and financing strategy, and is good at business negotiation and brand planning and communication. He used to be the general manager of Shanghai Qidao Culture Media Co., Ltd. Focus on the development and maintenance of important customers, the coordination of external public relations, and the expansion of new business areas and customers; He currently holds the position of Kiwa Bio Tech Products Group Corporation (US) executive vice president.

Xuefeng Guo

Vice President

He has rich practical experience in corporate restructuring, listing, acquisition, board transfer and other aspects. He has been serving as a director, president and other important positions in many companies for many years, and once served as a director of CFS in the United States and president of China; Director of Sino American Bridge Capital Co., Ltd., CFO of overseas listed company, Deputy General Manager of Inner Mongolia Xishui Venture Co., Ltd; Executive Vice President (concurrently) of Heilongjiang Tongda Investment Co., Ltd; Assistant to the President of Beijing Tomorrow Holding Co., Ltd; Manager of Shandong Tianli Veterinary Medicine Factory; Financial Manager of Shandong Agricultural Industry Group, Vice President of Kiwa Bio Tech Products Group Corporation (US).

Boyu Liu


Famous director, graduated from Beijing Film Academy. After graduating from Beijing Film Academy in 1988, he was assigned to Shenzhen TV Station as a director. In 2007, he was transferred to Beijing China Film Group (Beijing Film Factory) as a director. In 1994, the TV drama Golden Monkey Team directed by Pang Hao won the “Flying Prize”, and in 1997, the TV drama Binoculars won the “Flying Prize”. He has directed more than 30 TV plays. The representative works are Black Fog, Dawn of the Battle, puberty meets menopause, and people reach 40. In 2003, we filmed the last TV play of Zhang Chenggong’s “Black Label Trilogy”, “The Cloud of the Sky and the Fog of the Earth”, with friends Wang Zhiwen and Liu Wei, which was broadcast on Shanghai Satellite TV, Beijing Satellite TV, Anhui Satellite TV and Shenzhen Satellite TV. The audience rating was very high. In 2009, we filmed “Dawn of the Final Battle”, a spy drama known as the “TV version of the founding of the People’s Republic of China”, and met the audience as the first batch of sacrificial dramas celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China, At the first light, we got good ratings. All the major satellite TV stations across the country broadcast hot, and were praised by the TV audience. It can be said that they blossomed everywhere, and won the championship of all TV series at the same time.

Sen Yang


With rich experience in financial management, risk management, capital management and strategy formulation, has a strategic vision, independent judgment, and a strong business awareness, as well as a thorough understanding and understanding of the business, is skilled in the capital market. He used to be the director and chief financial officer of Guangxi Laibin Jingcheng Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiangmen Aishang Vatican Fitness Chain Management Company. He used to be the deputy general manager, general manager, office director and general manager of the General Management Department of Everbright, China Merchants and Huaxia Bank branches. He is currently the CFO of Kiwa Bio Tech Products Group Corporation (US).

Mei Dong

Director of International Investment and Finance

He has rich practical experience in the field of enterprise mergers and acquisitions and fund investment advisory,He was once responsible for a large number of domestic listing cases in Yihe Finance, a well-known local PR&IR company in China.Former director of Hill & Knowlton(China)Public Relations Co. Ltd., looking after the investor relations and financial media communications of listed companies in HKG and mainland China. Some prestigious clients were PetroChina, CBC (China Construction Bank), CIC (China Investment Corporation)and CME etc.After this career, I joined Le Sports, the biggest leading internet sports platform as the vice director to introduce many foreign big sports clubs, associations and organizations setting up a sound partnership with Le Sports.For the time after 2017, I have been on board in the booming private equity investment industry.Currently, he is the Director of International Investment and Finance Department of Kiwa Bio Tech Products Group Corporation (US).

Mingzheng Bao


Senior practitioner in the financial industry and early preacher of blockchain. From 2010 to 2016, he worked in No. 1 member unit of Tianjin Precious Metals Exchange and Beijing Precious Metals Exchange, and accumulated experience in analysis, risk control and practical operation of bulk commodity spot futures market. After 2016, he officially joined the world’s leading blockchain ecological enterprise. During the same period, he spent three years building his personal brand as a blockchain We Media person. More than 100000 private domain traffic and vertical user communities have been accumulated on WeChat public platforms, Himalayas, a live broadcast, and streaming media platforms, and the brand’s indirect community radiation capacity has exceeded 300000 C-end users. In the middle of 2019, he formally joined the international brand trading platform and its important ecological brand mining pool as a co-founder and the company’s CSO, and participated in the company’s overall planning and operation. He is currently CAO and CGO of Kiwa Bio Tech Products Group Corporation (US).