YIMULING Biological Water Soluble Fertilizer

Product Executive Standard :NY/T 798-2015

Product Form:Powder

Packing Specification:20 KG/Bag

Active Constituents:Kiwa patented compound microorganism flora, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium , high water soluble organic materials, humic acid, amino acids and high-energy active substances, medium and trace elements.

Kiwa patented microbial strain—Pure plant origin organic raw materials

  • Kiwa Patented Compound Microbial Flora
  • Pure Plant-Based Organic Raw Materials
  • Water-soluble and high efficiency
  • Non-toxic and harmless, safe and environment-friendly
  • Increase crops yield and quality, promote early-maturing and enhance storability.
  • Promote crop growth, improve resistance and prevent disease


Usage and reference dosage

This product is generally applied to all kinds of crops. 

Application methods: watering, drip irrigation, spraying 

Reference dosage: This product is applied in vigorous growth stage of crops. For fruit trees: 20 to 40 kg per mu, diluted 100 times with water. For vegetables: 20 kg per mu, diluted 200 times with water. Foliage spraying: 5 to 20 kg/ mu every time.



·         The fertilizer could be mixed thoroughly with cold water and dissolved easily with warm water.

·         Never mix the product with pesticides.

·         This caking product has no influence on the efficiency.

·         Keep fertilizer product in cool and dry places.