The Four Basic Principles of the Company


The Leader of Eco-friendly Agricultural Industrial Chain


Healthy Farmland, Eco-friendly Soil


Working, Studying, Living and Developing in a Pleasant Environment


Unity, Tension, Seriousness and Liveliness

The Leader of Eco-friendly Agricultural Industrial Chain

Kiwa’s Training Concept

Training is the Greatest Benefit for the Employees.

Training Objectives

1.Establish learning organization and set up learning spirit;

2.Fully understand and identify Kiwa’s culture and development strategy;

3.Be familiar with Kiwa’s policies,regulations and job responsibilities;

4.Improve employee’s comprehensive quality and knowledge level;

5.Improve employee’s abilities and work performances;

6.Improve employee’s work attitude, enhance work enthusiasm and promote team spirit;

7.Realize the potential of employees and promote enterprise development.

Training Modes

1.Develop the Company’s internal training course;

2.Participate in the training institutions;

3.Hire excellent talents or well-known university professors or relevant government departments to carry out special training;