Product Center – Technical Support


A Full Range of Technical Support


  • After-sale services

Our R&D staffs visit customers regularly to track the crop growth after the application of our fertilizer products; when occurrence of plant disease, we promptly provide solutions for the problems during the follow-ups.


  • Provide free soil testing services for customers

Our R&D staffs will collect local soil;send the soil sample to Chinese Agricultural University to test and release the testing analysis report. The free soil testing services could let every customer learn about the various physical and chemical properties of soil in the local areas.


  • Provide a full range of fertilization plans for customers.

Our R&D staffs will design the most suitable fertilization plansfor our customers based on the soil nutrient conditions in the soil,combining with the cost budget of fertilization and the conventional fertilization methods.


  • Our R&D staffs provide a full range of crop planting management plans for large planting bases.

  • Provide the marketing services for the terminal sales of agricultural products.

Nearly 90% of the vegetables and fruits grown in Kiwa’s planting bases have been brought into the safe agricultural products marketing network. Kiwa Bio-Tech provides the marketing services for the customers that use our fertilizer products.




Kiwa Bio-Tech (Yangling) Co., Ltd. 

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To receive customer’s service consultation and make a complaint or submit feedback on a specific issue, please contact the relevant division using the customer service Hot Line.