Research and Development Team and Our Breakthroughs                                        


CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVING OUR TECHNOLOGY AND PRODUCTS                                                       


We are increasingly searching for opportunities to further enhance the eco-friendly aspects of our core technology, products, active bacteria ingredients and raw materials. Kiwa’s research and product innovations begin with a thorough understanding of emerging interests and increasing market needs. The research and development efforts range from developing beneficial bacteria for the new products series to applying various pure plants as the raw materials. We continuously evaluate the overall eco-friendly agricultural profile of the active bacteria constituents in our products.                                                                                                                                                                          



OUR RESEARCH TEAM AND FACILITIES                                                                                                         

Our research and development team members lead the efforts to continuously improve our biological technology, products, and processes. Our technical experts in agronomy, biology engineering, agricultural science and other disciplines collaborate to bring high-efficient, low-cost, and sustainable developments to the market.                                                                                                          


Our 5.9-acre manufacturing base in Shandong Province has been established to produce various new products to meet the market needs for safe agriculture.                                                                                        


For the field-testing, we have established the first agricultural experiment and demonstration station in Xi’an, Shanxi Province. The station is situated on a 24-acre outdoor plating area to study the fertilization effects, and the local climate and soil conditions.                                                                      


The request for the safe agriculture and safe food is what fuels our agricultural scientists and researchers every day. And consumers across China have been loyal to Kiwa’s brand because of our focus on the beneficial effects of our products and technology improvements.