Product Description

Yimuling is developed by the Science and Technology Center of Kiwa and specifically used as water-soluble compound microbial fertilizer in the early stage crop growth. The product is made of Kiwa patented compound yield-increasing bacteria, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, high-quality water-soluble organic materials; meanwhile this product is added an appropriate amount of humic acid, amino acids and other high-energy active substances, medium and trace elements. The product has high solubility, and the application methods include drop irrigation, watering method, and spraying method.


Functional Characteristics

  • Bio-water-soluble. Efficientnutrient

The product meets the scientific ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium contents, medium trace elements, humic acid, amino acids, etc. The product has the characteristics of comprehensive and balanced nutrition and high water solubility, which can be easily absorbed by crops so that have high soil nutrient utilization.

  • Non-toxic, harmless, safe and environmentally-friendly

Select the pure natural plant source as the organic raw materials, no pollution, no residue, harmless to human and animal. Accelerate the degradation of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and heavy metals residues in agricultural products.

  • Promote crop growth, improve crop and disease resistance

The patented bacteria can greatly proliferate in root space and compete with harmful microorganisms in the soil for favorable living environment. The product has the functions of dissolving the phosphorus potassium solution, promoting the nitrogen fixation, activating soil nutrients, and improving the utilization rate of bio-fertilizer. The various active growth-promoting substances and pest-disease-preventing physiological activator produced by bacterial metabolism function to inhibit pathogen growth, various common diseases, and insect pests, and cope with agricultural disease, agricultural drought, anti-water-logging, and improve plant freezing tolerance.

  • Increasecrops yield and quality, promote early-maturing and enhance storability

Use this product can make vegetable dark green leaves hypertrophy, enhance photosynthesis, improve crop yield by 10% to 30%, and bring the harvest forward by 7 to 10 days, meanwhile, the product can significantly increase the content of sugar, vitamin in crops, and improve quality.


Kiwa patented microbial strain—Pure plant origin organic raw materials

  • Patentedbacteria, high-quality raw materials
  • Water-soluble, high-efficient nutrient
  • Easy to be absorbed, quick effect
  • Preventing disease, increasing crops growth
  • Increasecrops yield, improve qualities, and promote the early maturing and storability of the crops.
  • Natural and harmless, safe and environment-friendly.


Usage and reference dosage

  • This product is generallyapplied to various types of crops.
  • Application methods: watering method, drop Irrigation, or spraying.
  • Thisfertilizer is applied in early stage of the crop growth.
  • Recommend dosage for vegetables, fruits and other cash crops: use 20 to 40 kg per mu.
  • The fertilizer could also be diluted with 50-100 times amount of water to use as nutrient solution for irrigating root directly.
  • The recommendation quantity of applying fertilizer depends on the local circumstances and soil condition.



  • The fertilizer could be mixed thoroughly with cold water and dissolved easily with warm water.
  • Never mix the product with pesticides.
  • This caking product has no influence on the efficiency.
  • Keep fertilizer product in cool and dry places.