Product Description

The Biological Organic Fertilizer series products are developed by the Science and Technology Center of Kiwa, in collaboration with the China Agricultural University, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Kiwa Bio-Tech selects unpolluted and harmless algae, silkworm excrement, and sugar residue as the organic raw materials, adopts Kiwa patented strain, and Kiwa-ETS compound biological bacterium as the compound microbial strains. At the same time, amino acid and trace elements were added, which can improve the nutrition balance of the product. Compound microbial bacteria have the functions of dissolving the phosphorus potassium solution and promoting the nitrogen fixation, which could tremendously increase fertilizer use efficiency, effectively improve the soil and raise soil fertility, and solve the issues of soil hardening, soil acidification, and soil salinization. The various active substances produced by bacterial metabolism significantly control the insect pests, and prevent the occurrence of continuous cropping diseases and root diseases in plants.


Functional Characteristics


  • Improving the soil and enhancing the soil fertility


Rapidly increase soil organic matter content, significantly improve the regiment structure of soil, improve the ability of soil to retain water and fertilizer and soil permeability and other physical and chemical properties. Dissolve the phosphorus potassium solution, activating soil nutrients, and reduce the chemical fertilizer use.


  • Natural and harmless. Increase yield and enhance the quality


Select high-quality and botanical raw materials to produce the pollution-free and non-residual fertilizer products;Able to degrade the heavy metal residues in the soil; increase the yield and enhance the quality of the plants.


  • Preventing disease, resistance, and continuous cropping


Rich beneficial microorganisms are able to reproduce rapidly, fill the root place of the crops, and compete with the harmful microbes for living space. At the same time, the various active growth-promoting and disease and pest-preventing substances produced by bacterial metabolism can significantly suppress phytopathogens and reduce the use of chemical fertilizer.


  • Comprehensive nutrition and long lasting efficiency

High quality organic raw materials are decomposed by beneficial microorganism, which could constantly provide nutrients for the crops. The growth promoting substances such as amino acid and plant growth stimulants produced by bacterial metabolism could accelerate germination, enhance the rooting rate, and improve survival rate of plants.