The Purpose of Research and Development
Based on the general fertilizer products, KIWA develops a series of special fertilizer products according to the different fertilizer requirements of different crops and the market prospect of the products.


Product Description

KIWA compound microbial fertilizer series are the main featured products. Under the guidance of governmental policy “reduce the amount of fertilizer, improve soil, improve the quality of agricultural products”, KIWA technology center elaborately developed the products. According to the nutritional characteristics of fruit trees, vegetables, tea, tobacco, Chinese herbal medicine and other high value-added crops, Kiwa R & D center develop the special fertilizers by scientific proportioning of NPK, adding appropriate amount of medium trace elements for the crops and KIWA patented strains, and chelating by using advanced biological technology. The KIWA series of special fertilizer products suit the concept of balanced fertilization. Meanwhile the products have the advantages including comprehensive and balanced nutrition, long-lasting fertilizer efficiency, and the strong scientifiicity and pertinence. Hence, the customers no longer worry about problems such as unreasonable fertilization structures or incorrect fertilization order.