Kiwa Bio-Tech Announces Participation at China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair Opening Ceremony

     Yangling, Shaanxi— (October 24, 2019) (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corp. (OTCQB: KWBT) is pleased to announce that the Company is showcasing its leading agricultural products and technology at the 26th China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair (referred to as “CAF”). The theme of this year’s Trade Show is “New Agriculture, New Farmers and New Countryside”.

     The CAF officially opened at 9 a.m. Beijing time, with guests including Xiaoguang Chen, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Guozhong Liu, Governor of Shaanxi Province, Mr. Vladimir nolov, Secretary General of SCO, Leaders of the Ministry of Science and Technology and other Ministries and Commissions attending the Opening Ceremony.

     The exhibition booth of Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corp. (referred to as Kiwa Bio-Tech) was officially unveiled.
Governor Mr. Guozhong Liu delivers a speech at the Opening Ceremony
     Since March 2018, Kiwa has participated three times at the China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair with different themes to present to the audience and paid attendees.

     At the Spring Festival in March 2018, Kiwa presented the application of microbial technology in agriculture and a series of microbial fertilizers as its core theme.

     In November 2018, at the 25th CAF, Kiwa presented the theme of the contribution of the 54 Main Crop Standardized Planting Regulations to the harmless agricultural industry chain.

     At this Current Fall Fair, Kiwa is presenting the theme of how “Trinity” new agricultural industry chain’s influence on “new rural areas, new farmers and new agriculture”. It focuses on the core contents of the “Trinity Model”, which is to realize the new rural construction with scientific planting, training the farmers with standardized management and promoting the development of new agriculture with industrialized operations.

Main panel of Kiwa Bio-Tech exhibition stand
     At 11 a.m. Beijing time, Mr. Gaoqiang Yuan, Vice President of China Association of Foreign Funded Enterprises (CFIUS), Ministry of Commerce, arrived at Kiwa’s booth after attending the opening ceremony. Mr. Yuan gave high praise of the role of the “Trinity Model” of Kiwa Bio-Tech in China’s agriculture, and pointed out that this model should be extended to the key agricultural regions of the country with the help of Yangling’s dominant position in China’s agriculture.

     Kiwa Bio-Tech as the Vice Chairman unit of the Foreign Investment Association will be summarizing a set of harmless promotion experiences and report to the National level through the Ministry of Commerce on the platform of the Foreign Investment Association which will promote the development of China’s agriculture. After visiting the booth of Kiwa, Mr. Yuan also visited Kiwa’s headquarters.

Mr. Yuan listened the presentation of Kiwa’s biotechnology and products

Mr. Yuan listening to Kiwi Planting under Company’s Trinity Model
     At 3:00 p.m. Beijing time, Mr. Wei Rong, President of Rong’s Family Investment Group, the first National Capitalist in China, and a future strategic partner of Kiwa, and his delegation came to Kiwa’s exhibit booth to learn more about the Company’s technology and products.

     The Company introduced the implementation of the Trinity Model in Zhouzhi, included the application of Kiwa’s biological fertilizer series, technology, finance, market and other supporting services.

     Mr. Wei Rong expressed the high appreciation and also stated “The Rong’s family has a famous brand called “Xiangxian”, and has an enormous market network domestically and internationally. The agricultural produce under Kiwa’s Trinity Model of harmlessness can completely enter into the Rong’s family’s market network. In addition, Rong’s Family Investment Group is discussing all-round strategic cooperation with Kiwa and hoping to implement the cooperation as soon as possible.”

Mr. Wei Rong (right) listened to Kiwa’s biotechnology and products

Mr. Wei Rong (second from the left) and Ms. Qin Rong (first from the left), the representative of Rong’s Family Investment Group, listened to Kiwi Planting under Company’s Trinity Model.
     During the opening ceremony, a large number of visitors visited Kiwa’s booth and expressed their appreciation for the innocuous Trinity and the continuous praise for the kiwi produced under the Company’s Trinity Model.

Visitors at Kiwa’s booth

Audiences attending the opening ceremony learning about Kiwa’s microbial technology and products