Kiwa Bio-Tech’s Trinity Model Achieves Successful Environmental and Production Results for 82 Acre Project

     Yangling, Shaanxi— (October 14, 2019) – Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corp. (OTCQB: KWBT) is pleased to announce that during the Chinese National holiday, Mr. Xuanjiang Song, the director of the Kiwa Zhouzhi retail outlet, led the staff to complete the acquisition of the Cuixiang kiwifruit in the first phase of the Trinity Model Planting Demonstration Park. After those baskets of even and juicy Cuixiang kiwifruit was moved into the cold storage, Mr. Song said excitedly to the leaders of the Zhouzhi Professional Farmers Association, that after these fruits are put into storage, Kiwa’s market partners, Huaguoshan, No.10 Street, Shennong Group, etc. will soon pick up the produce according to the established sales methods. The last important part of the Trinity was successfully completed, and the Trinity model ended perfectly in the trial promotion work of the Zhouzhi Kiwifruit Demonstration Park.

     Starting from the Spring Festival of 2019, Kiwa Zhouzhi Retail Outlet strictly selected the kiwifruit planting base of nearly 500 mu (approximately 82 acres) in Zhouzhi according to the requirements of the Kiwa Trinity model. The varieties planted include Cuixiang, Xuxiang, Hayward, Qinmei and other major kiwifruit varieties, and the fruit farmers signed a service agreement for the Trinity Model Demonstration Park. After a planting season, the Kiwa technical team provided nearly 100 technical services to contracted fruit farmers with the assistance of the Zhouzhi Professional Agriculture Association.

     For the fruit farmers who has the financial difficulties, Kiwa helped to apply for the loan from the Postal Savings Bank, purchased the insurance for the contracted fruit farmers, and arranged the meteorological service company to provide effective meteorological services for our customers.

Kiwa’s important market partner, Huaguoshan’s professionals, also visited the demonstration park several times for on-site guidance.

     When the fruit growers who planted Qinmei watched their fruit being purchased by the Kiwa retail outlets, said that the Kiwa Trinity was truly designed for the fruit farmers. The services that the farmers hope to get are all considered and implemented, and the fruit farmers’ most concerned sales expectations are also realized. The most important thing is that after nearly two years of use of Kiwa’s series of fertilizer products, the fruit farmers highly recognize Kiwa’s technology and agricultural products to repair soil contaminated by chemical fertilizers, reduce the use of swelling agents, improve the sugar content of the fruit, and improve the quality of the fruit. The role of these aspects are irreplaceable.

     After hearing the positive evaluation of the fruit farmers, the confidence in continuing to expand the Zhouzhi kiwifruit planting market for next year is even greater, said Mr. Song. Because we not only let the fruit farmers accept the technology and products of Kiwa, but also will allow more and more farmers to accept and rely on Kiwa by continually improving Kiwa’s service level and fruit quality. The Trinity model will let the kiwifruit industry of Zhouzhi quickly achieve the goal of improving quality and efficiency. “This is a really good start for the Company to market its products to the fruit industry throughout the China and gain customer’s confidence to purchase our products” stated Mr. Song.